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Resurfacing Services in Fairfax, VA

At AASCO we put a lot of sweat into every detail of your project in Northern Virginia to make sure you have a smooth uniform surface, tamped edges, and water that flows as the grades allow so you have a long lasting, beautiful improvement. We offer paving, grading, milling and seal coating for the following:
  • Driveways
  • Parking Lots
  • Pipe Stems
  • New Areas
  • Removal & Replacement
  • Resurfacing


Paving Roads — paving contractors in Falls Church, VA
Here at AASCO the word paving is the art of what we do best. It is the process of hot asphalt material being installed with the use of a skilled crew, trucks and machinery, all working together precisely to produce pavement. Pavement is a very versatile product which can be installed over gravel, concrete, or the most popular, existing asphalt with a minimum amount of preparation.


Truck Grading Roads — paving contractors in Falls Church, VA
We use grading as a general term to describe the preparation of a gravel base; whether it will be used as a sub base for asphalt or just a simple gravel area to on which to park or drive. Typically gravel alone is found in rural areas or in situations when hard surfaces cannot be used. Read more


Milling Truck — paving contractors in Falls Church, VA
We have invested in the latest equipment to offer milling to our residential and commercial customers. In asphalt terms it is the use of a machine armed with diamond bit teeth to grind off a layer of old asphalt in order to prepare for the installation of a new one. Milling is a very effective way to prepare for joining new pavement with old pavement or when tying into concrete such as gutter pans, sidewalks and entrance aprons. Although it is used more on parking lots and ... Read more

Seal Coating

Man Seal Coating — paving contractors in Falls Church, VA
Seal coating generally means to rehabilitate or perform preventive maintenance to an existing surface. This is accomplished by cleaning and treating oil spots if necessary; repairing cracks by applying a separate crack sealant material; removing areas that are too broken and replacing them with new asphalt patches; then applying either a water or oil based asphalt sealant (depending on the condition of the pavement, the type of use and what goal the pavement owner is trying to achieve). Read more

More Services

Repairing Roads — paving contractors in Falls Church, VA
AASCO Paving Corp. offers striping and snow removal services for the following:
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Building
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Communities


Asphalt Painted with yellow Stripes — paving contractors in Falls Church, VA
Striping is the painting of new or the repainting of old lines typically in parking areas and roadways. This can consist of lines, symbols, letters, stencils and numbers to designate parking or no parking, direction of traffic flow, fire lanes, stop bars, crosswalks and handicap designations. In cases that necessitate changing the layout or design, old paints will be removed by using various methods or painted over with a black out paint prior to restriping.

Snow Removal

Snow Removal Truck — paving contractors in Falls Church, VA
We take pride in using what we consider to be the best de-icing materials for each specific situation. This includes the right combination of trucks, equipment and, skilled labor force to provide our customers with fast and efficient, 24 hour automatic service when you need it'-- from sidewalks to shopping malls.
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